A Proud Part of Grande Yellowhead Public School Division

Principal's Message

My name is Kurt Scobie and I am the principal of École Mountain View School. All three of my children attended the French Immersion program at ÉMVS and I am proud of the education that we offer.  I believe in our staff, and have seen them go above and beyond to make learning fun and meaningful.  I enjoy working with such a dedicated group of teachers and support staff.


As the principal, I have made it my mission to learn every student’s name and to find a connection with each one of them at the school.  I am also working toward developing relationships with all of the parents as well.   I start my day on bus supervision and say good morning to students as they get off of the bus or as I walk through the playground on supervision.  Students and staff realize that my office is open, and accessible, and it is great to see everyone feeling comfortable in coming to see me.  It is imperative that we listen to the concerns and beliefs of our parents and students so that they connect with the education we deliver every day. As a French Immersion site we do our daily announcements in both French and English.  While Mr. Corbeil is fully bilingual, I am not but I do my best each day to learn and use the French language.  It has been quite an experience having students from all grades speak to me in French, and help to correct my grammar and pronunciation when I am in classrooms.


Our mission at École Mountain View School is to enable our entire school community to be learners who respond positively to the challenges of an ever changing world. We value the development of character through the promotion of honesty, integrity, citizenship, and social responsibility. At École Mountain View School, students, staff, and parents work together to foster a safe and caring environment. Within our school, all children are provided with opportunities to be successful. As part of the community, École Mountain View School students become responsible, productive citizens.


The School Continuous Improvement Plan is developed throughout the year and includes  staff, students, and parents.  We share our data with staff and parents, and work together to develop goals that are supported by effective strategies.  This is the work that is done during professional development days, staff meetings, school council meetings and professional learning community times. I also work with other principals and senior leadership during division leadership team meetings.  We will be sharing and updating this document with senior leadership, trustees, staff and parents as we reach our milestones.


At École Mountain View School, we have a leadership team that shares the responsibilities for ensuring that All Kids are our Kids and the academic Success for All. Louis Corbeil is our Assistant Principal, and a long time French Immersion advocate.  He works with all teachers, but is an important part of the French programming. He works alongside myself and teachers to ensure that quality teaching is taking place in our school. Nicole Hudson is our Learning Support Teacher.  Mrs. Hudson works with all of our teachers to ensure that all Individualized Support Plans are meeting the needs of our students.  Mrs. Hudson also provides intervention groups where students are working in smaller groups at their instructional level, regardless of grade.  Our Family School Liaison Counselor is Lisa Maddex.  Ms. Maddex connects with students and their families and helps to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety that can be felt by students and parents alike. 

It is my sincere hope that students and parents alike feel that they are highly connected to our school.  Our family of educators and support staff are here to serve.  

Kurt Scobie


École Mountain View School